Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to walking

Well, my solo show is hanging at Edison, classes are starting to wind down and the weather is finally warmer. So it is back to shooting for me, seeing what is out there since the last walk. I am actually thinking of visiting a new place - at least it is new for me. The Urban Park in Troy (when I drove through it) looked like a flat piece of ground without any exciting plants or trees, However, I've been told that sculpture and a hidden pond actually can be found in the park. So I believe I will dig out a fresh memory card and visit the site this weekend.

In addition, my goal is to figure out how to get images on this site.

I actually have over 30 images hung in the Art Gallery at Edison. Now that the hustle is over I think it looks OK.
I do need to thank my best friend, Patty; a former student and now a friend, Sherri; and Chris, a current student for their hours of help the day the show was hung.

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  1. Adding pictures --- First prepare the picture/pictures that you want to upload/post. You will want to resize them for the web. 72DPI is usually good enough. I try to keep my file sizes under 1MB for the web. Next click the little (Slide/Picture icon) just above the posting section. Browse/Upload your photos. You will have to play around with size and (Right/Left/Center). I usually check the Large box and None for alignment.

    Photoshop has an option to save for the web not sure about your software.

    GOOD Luck.